This post will have to be a bit rushed, as I am sitting at the Zain lounge in Queen Alia International Airport with one of my colleagues. Perhaps it’s a good thing to practice writing very quickly once in a while. Here we are, sipping cappuccinos and clicking away at our laptops, mindlessly taking our hands away from the keyboard every few minutes to snack on dates and cookies.

We have twenty minutes till boarding for our flight to Germany, where we have a strategy workshop for work this week. I am very excited to see a new country! I have been a bad traveler this time and failed to plan for anything during my time in Bonn and Berlin. I am hoping that my strategy of going with the flow will serve me well rather than backfire.

Luckily, our arrangements have been mostly taken care of for our meeting in Bonn. I will be taking a few days afterward to visit a dear friend that I met in Morocco, crossed paths with in Jordan, and now lives in Berlin. I know that I will be in good hands, so I am not too worried about my lack of preparation, or the fact that I haphazardly packed my bag half an hour before catching a taxi to the airport.

It strikes me that this has been a year of so many departures. I remember before coming to Jordan, I took travel quite seriously, especially international travel. Long lists were drawn up, extensive Google searches were made, maps were scrawled onto notebooks in case I found myself in a situation without internet or data. There was the anxiety that I would not know how to get around an unfamiliar airport, or to communicate my specific needs in the case of a baggage mixup or other minor emergency. No longer do these extensive preparations feel necessary. I have grown accustomed to the rhythm of arrival and departure.

I have been privileged enough to get used to this coming and going so frequently. I remind myself this as I zip my carry-on bag and head for my gate: Mobility is not something to take for granted.

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