Thank you for bringing me coffee from your home state. I brewed it in my french press this morning, and it is wonderfully rich. It is keeping me company and reminding me of you as I write this morning.

Thank you for the biggest hug after a month away, and for your understanding that I forgot to wash your sheets after my sister slept in your bed.

Thank you for feeding me lentil soup at your house and listening to me as I poured my heart in an undignified display of emotion.

Thank you for taking me seriously but also making me laugh.

Thank you for sharing mediocre donuts with me every Friday for three years.

Thank you for treating me with curiosity, as though you have something to learn from me, when really I am the one who learns so much from you.

Thank you for giving me solemn life advice and for making me dance all in the same evening.

Thank you for driving me to the hospital years ago when I wasn’t sure what was going on.

Thank you for making the time to tell me your news from the other side of the world. It is so special to communicate with you despite the hours and space between us.

Thank you for believing in my dreams even as they change every few months.

Thank you for taking walks with me around this neighborhood of mediocre sidewalks. I treasure all the stories we share while our feet are moving and dodging potholes.

Thank you for reading on the other side of the screen. And for letting me know what it meant to you.

Thank you for coming over to have dinner with me two nights in a row. There is no one I would rather eat coconut rice and homemade Nutella with.

Thank you for reviewing my more vulnerable writing and giving me honest, generous feedback.

Thank you for opening your home in another country to me. I am nervous about traveling to new places where I don’t know the language, but comforted knowing I will be with you for some of it.

Thank you for trusting my decisions and supporting me.

Thank you for every cup of coffee we have shared. My favorite ones have been those you made.

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