on a summer morning
sunlight pushes against her tiny window
refracts against the mirror
lights up her face
the one she presses just inches away from the glass
as she applies makeup
closing her left eye,
she smoothes sand-toned shimmer from lid to crease
and contemplates the way
shadows collect on the valley of her nose

a swoop of the hand
as she loads her mascara brush
with sticky black tar
that will make her more beautiful
she turns her attention to the other side
and closes her right eye

someone has covered the sun
with an itchy wool blanket, suffocating its golden breath
the shape of the mirror before her
this thing that once had edges
replaced by a smudge of grey

she opens both eyes
wider than the tunnel through which the Chicago Metra passes
the sun shakes off its oppressive wool blanket
and inhales, exhales
as light and color refill the room

she is once again confronted by her image
framed by the sharp edges of the mirror
concern seeks refuge in the space between her creased brows
as her bottom lip quivers

she chooses to emulate the sun
and takes a deep breath
recollecting herself
determined to bring symmetry to her face
inhale, exhale
she turns once again to paint the left eye
and closes the right

the world melts to monochrome
and her face dissolves into a work of abstraction
or perhaps an impressionist piece
drawn in number two pencils
with dull tips

she blinks back and forth between eyes
left and right, each equipped with its own filter
one that is clean
and one that is dirty,
smeared with sticky black tar
that one would use
to make herself more beautiful

4 thoughts on “21. a poem about loss

  1. Oh my God Andrea, this is so nice, love poetry!!!…And this is your first attempt writing poetry? Seriously? Mi hija talentosa puede escribir lo que sea! Que Dios te bendiga mi amor, te amo. 🙏❤️
    Can’t wait to read some more!👌🙌

    Liked by 1 person

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